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RVTC Customers,
Recently, we have been notified of several phishing attacks being sent to customers from what appears to be the RVTC billing department or RVTC team members. Please know that RVTC is NOT sending these. Please do not click on any links or open any attachments.
Five ways to identify a phishing attack

• The email is sent from a public email address: Look at the sender’s email address, as this can help identify if the person is truly who they claim to be. Often, the criminal will use a public email address such as gmail.com. If RVTC emails you, it will come from a company email account with the company name in the email address. Also, be sure to check the spelling of the domain, RVTC.net. A slight change like rvct.net can be easily overlooked.

• Strange attachments: If you receive an unexpected email or an email from someone at RVTC you don’t know asking you to open an attachment, do not open it. These attachments can contain malware that can harm your computer and capture your personal data.

• The creation of a sense of urgency: They can create a sense of urgency by warning that your account has experienced suspicious activity, or an invoice is due. These are massive warning signs. Never use any contact details or click any links provided in the email.

• Links to unrecognized sites or URLs that misspell a familiar domain name: Phishing emails may ask you to click a link within the email. By hovering your mouse over the link or address, you can see the linked site’s true URL. These URLs can be slightly misspelled or completely different than what you are expecting, so always double check before you click.

• Poor spelling and grammar: You can often detect a phishing email by the way it is written. The writing style might be different and usually contains spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Thank you for your continued effort to detect phishing emails.
Please forward any suspicious emails to Phishing@Aureon.com (our email hosting provider)



Foundation for Rural Services

RVTC would like to inform you, our customers, of a another grant opportunity.
The Foundation for Rural Services, also know as FRS, has an ongoing commitment to rural communities across the country. FRS provides annual grants for rural communities served by NTCA members like RVTC. 
The goal of this program is to support local efforts to build and sustain a high quality of life in rural America. 
Grants range from $250 to $5000. Each spring, FRS begins accepting applications for
the current year's grant process. 
The grant projects FRS funds vary but are concentrated in four major areas including business, education, community & economic development, and applications of telecommunications.
More information and the grant application can be found online at: www.frs.org 
Don't forget your letter of support from RVTC!!




River Valley now has a
Loyalty Rewards Club Card!!

IT'S EASY!!   It's our way of saying THANK YOU for shopping local!!

For every $10 you spend in our retail area, we will give you a stamp on your card. When you have your card filled up, turn it in for $10 off your current or next purchase in our retail area. Stop in for more details.

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Aureon Charity Grant Program

The Aureon Charity Grant Program is available to Iowa communities sponsored by its participating telecommunications companies. RVTC along with Aureon would like to invite public & private non-profit agencies to submit an application to help assist your organization with its charity drives and/or funding for a specific project.

There are virtually no restrictions on the number or types of charities that may apply for the grant; however, the program must benefit and be made available to all members of the community.

Grant applications will continue to be due quarterly (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31).
Only complete applications will be considered. 
More information and the grant application can be found online at: 
Don't forget to get your letter of support from RVTC!!

All Charity Grant awards will be presented by Aureon and RVTC.